Provided with the best resources

  • The team of highly qualified professionals, allowing us to mobilize up to 150 people where our customers need them.
  • In order to complete our technical development, we have our own offices in Cabanas (Coruña).
  • Our Industrial Building situated in the estate "Vilar do Colo" (Industrial area of Ferrol) is dedicated to manufacturing, repair and storage.
  • Fleet of industrial specific vehicles.
  • Our teams are equipped with the most advanced communication systems and radio telephony, messaging and Internet media.

Where you need us

  • Currently developing our projects in Spain and Portugal.
  • Based on our production model and our management experience, we can develop our work at any location.

Youth, dynamism and experience

  • NorInver is a young company, but it capitalizes on the expertise of its managers in the field of advanced electrical assembly and design
  • In the current era of globalization and crisis, where software development is traveling at the speed of light, we have dared to make an investment in entrepreneurial talent.
  • Quality of our work and our growth in a selective and changing market, support the commitment to our customers and our value proposition.

Flexible and Reliable

  • Flexible and dynamic company structure offering a personalized service in time, volume and quality, being competitive in price.
  • Emphasize the quality of the work, as well as implementation of projects in required time.